Edeltrude und …

"Edeltrude und …" was a 6-week-project from Trier: a café, design store, art gallery and event location.

A globetrotter named Edeltrude

Edeltrude, probably your father's long lost aunt, has seen some places, lived some lives, eaten some food all over the world. People might consider her being a bit off, but then again, they might be wrong.

fig. 2
"That lady knows a thing or two—but after you get to know her a bit, she leaves, being forever on a journey."
— Eugenia G.

Edeltrude and her friends

Every other night, Edeltrude invited one or two of her friends over to her emptied bicycle store in order to let them present their art, give lectures, sing, dance, or play.

fig. 3

She offered only the finest coffee and tea ("Screw teabags", someone believes to have heard her say), and sold hand-made linocut prints and designed goods.

fig. 4a: Edeltrude dances
fig. 4b: Posing for Rihanna
fig. 4c: Grocery shopping
fig. 4d: Movie night
fig. 4e: Zwillen-Edel, she used to be called
fig. 4f: Gamers' night
fig. 4g: Breakers' night
fig. 4h: Good Old Edel
fig. 4i: Breakers' break
fig. 4j: ?
fig. 4k: Edelcookie
fig. 4l: Fundraising-Trude
fig. 4m: Edeltrude, hosting a fashion event
fig. 4n: Edeltrude, the famous actress
fig. 4o: Monty
fig. 4p: Edeltrude flowering her plants, obviously.
"What a woman. What a fine, fine woman."
— A fine gent