Drawings in varying styles for wine labels.

Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo

In order to design new wine labels for the Karlsmühle, the University of Applied Science Trier asked me to come up with illustrations of the famous building. Plus, because the drawings should allow students to create both traditional and modern labels, we decided to develop various styles of the subject.

I thus started sketching to get an idea of possible approaches:

fig. 2a: Focus on shape. I later learned that the left building is more represantative than the right one, so these proportions aren't good.
fig. 2b: Same drawing with background; Focus on atmosphere.
fig. 2c: Clear and simplified, straight lines. I still like this one, I guess it could work on a modern wine label.
fig. 2d: A detailed look with less simplification.

A bottle yet to be labeled

After a few rounds of redesigning, the final drawings were sent to the students. I'm curious how the yet to be designed labels will suit their bottles—so for now, here are the naked things:

fig. 3: The modern.
fig. 4: The old school.
fig. 5: The brut.