Live drawings from traveling here and there

People having Aperol Spritz in Italy, people having coffee in Lithuania, people strolling along in Norway.

Travel sketches

Drawing people wherever one goes is a nice way to become familiar with a country, a city, a district.

fig. 2a
fig. 2b
fig. 2c

It’s about people.

fig. 3

People living their daily lives.

fig. 4

People hanging out, being bored, entertaining themselves, doing nothing.

fig. 5a
fig. 5b
fig. 5c
fig. 5d
fig. 5e
fig. 6: ICE to Cologne

Sometimes, things happen

People rarely ask to take a look at what I drew. Fabio, however, did. A few weeks later he sent me a photo of a drawing I sent him.

fig. 7

These guys got in touch via Instragram.

fig. 8

Most of the times, drawings are made in secret, and that’s okay


fig. 9: Truck driver taking a break from truck driving
fig. 10

Youngsters in a coffee shop:

fig. 11a
fig. 11b
fig. 11c
fig. 12
fig. 13
fig. 14
fig. 15
fig. 16