Lively drawings

A collection of dynamic drawings

Arty party

This is meant to give an inside into different "loose" styles. To me, this is the most interesting stuff to look at: As a reader, you have to decode the rough, emotional lines more actively than with clear drawings.

Sometimes, drawings lack the energy of the sketches made beforehand. Here, the energy is meant to be contained.

fig. 2: One Boule guy.
fig. 3: Two Boule guy.
fig. 4: Sketch for a bicycle trip survival guide in which I share some (funny) tips and tricks.
fig. 5a
fig. 5b
fig. 5c
fig. 5d
fig. 5e
fig. 5f: The Star Diaries p. 34/35
fig. 5g
fig. 5h
fig. 5i
fig. 6
fig. 7