Illustration for corps' corporate magazine "Etepetete"


"Etepetete", that's German for "finicky" according to PONS, and it's what people in the Rhineland are called sometimes.

And because of that, Corps Verlag named its magazine about locals exactly like that.

fig. 2: Periodical's cover

The Rhineland-folks' quiz

Periodical asked me to come up with a few iconic Rhineland-characters like the famous breed of horse or the chicken kind.

fig. 3: Rough sketches
fig. 4: Characters put in context

I really don't know why, but they also needed a sheikh, water taps, and flying sausages …

fig. 5: A somewhat shady sheikh. Too comicky. Immediately rejected.
fig. 6: The German "Wasserhähne" literally means "water roosters"
fig. 7: …

Finally, …

In the end, we settled on a combination of loose lines and watercolor. This is how it finally looked like.

fig. 8a
fig. 8b
fig. 8c
fig. 8d
fig. 8e