Sexy Things

Creating cartoons for a nationwide campaign about Sexually Transmittable Infections.

"Got a problem? Go see a doctor."

Fun-o-fun: Creating awareness for STI through cartoons

When Das Hochhaus started working on a campaign about STI (Sexually Transmittable Infections), they asked me to come up with visuals for their cartoony approach:

fig. 2: "Something's fishy? Better see a doctor."
fig. 3: "Something's fishy? There's an app for that." (Draft for a brochure about STI)
fig. 4: "What's *your* itch like?" (Draft for a brochure about STI, chapter 2: "Talk about it.")

Week 2: Getting the hang of it

For the campaign it was crucial to include every sexual orientation, gender, age and origin, so we tried to sketch as many ideas as possible—here are the ones that set the stage for the successful campaign Liebesleben:

fig. 5: "Itchy? Go see a doctor."
fig. 6: "No matter what's your style. Use condoms."
fig. 7: "Hadn't had sex in a while? Doesn't matter, just use condoms."
fig. 8: "Go see a doctor, they know better."
fig. 9: "Go see a doctor, they know better."
fig. 10: "Something's weird? Don't ask Google, ask a doctor."