Zoo animals

Wall drawings for the guidance system of Cologne's Zoo school


fischerAppelt designed a guidance system for Cologne's Zoo school in which signs should be accompanied by life-sized drawings of animals. My first style-proposal came with a rather lively, emotional hatching:

fig. 2
fig. 3

Back to the roots

Because these illustrations were meant to be installed in a zoo, we decided to use a style closer to old zoological illustrations (a bit like Dürer's famous Rhinoceros, fig. 4). Apart from that, the proportions had to be real-life ones (fig. 5).

fig. 4
fig. 5: Width x Height: 2,50m x 1,60m

The final drawings

So here they are, the illustrious new habitants in Cologne's Zoo school: A huge giraffe, a tiny penguin, some meerkats, a rather quiet howling monkey, a giant rhinoceros, and a gibbon climbing up the stairway …

fig. 6
fig. 7
fig. 8
fig. 9
fig. 10
fig. 11