Da bleibt uns nur die Wut

Design for Till Reiners' political cabaret tour

"All that remains is anger"

For the political cabaret artist Till Reiners, I developed a visual identity which was used for posters, album artwork and his website. Since Till's motto All that remains is anger is used to describe society's weirdness in an ironic or cynical way, we played with happy colors and views which are contrasted by his statements.

fig. 2: Album cover
fig. 3: Landing page
"Till doesn't come with a wagging finger—he offers undiscovered perspectives. Sometimes ironic, sometimes choleric, but always well-conceived."
— Tonic-Magazin on Till's statements
fig. 4a
fig. 4b
fig. 4c
fig. 4d
fig. 4e

The album can be found via ISBN-13: 978-3939055167, or ordered from amazon.