Karussell am Zuckerberg

A gallery, café, design-shop, theater, and stage for dozens of cultural events

The Off-Space called Carousel

In September 2009, after half a year of planning the thing with nine people, we went big and rented a former printing facility, renovated it, and installed a café.

The following four months were fully packed with cultural events, happenings, and sit-ins.

fig. 2

Styling the

fig. 3: Well, yes, this is the logo

Apart from organizing exhibitions, I spent my days designing posters, flyers, handouts, banners, and our website, and printed some posters and flyers manually:

fig. 4: November's poster
fig. 5a: Flyer
fig. 5b: Program sheets
fig. 5c
fig. 5d: The flyer table
fig. 5e: The entrance
fig. 5f: Posters
fig. 5g
fig. 5h
fig. 5i
fig. 6: October's poster
fig. 7a: The poster for the Klarkommen-Festival
fig. 7b
fig. 7c: Klarkommen's flyer

Animations, too

Additionally, I did some animated shorts and short recaps of recent activities that were displayed randomly on our websites' landing page. (tbc)